About madukkur.com

The journey of Madukkurians seeking opportunities in the Middle East during the 1990s marked a significant chapter in the town’s history. In those times, the absence of modern social networks like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook posed a challenge for these expatriates to stay connected with their loved ones back in Madukkur. Recognizing this need for a platform that could bridge the gap, M. Mohamed Eshack, BCom, MBA, took the initiative to launch the www.madukkur.com website

Established in 1990, the website served as a virtual community center, offering Madukkurians abroad a space to connect, share news, and maintain communication with their families. Given the limited technology of the era, communication predominantly relied on mail, and the website provided a much-needed platform for information exchange.

The website featured an address page with phone contacts, allowing Madukkurians to register their details for efficient communication. A message board facilitated members in posting messages, enabling a virtual conversation hub for the Madukkur diaspora.

The www.madukkur.com initiative garnered a positive response and appreciation from its users. It became a vital link for the Madukkur community spread across different Middle Eastern countries, fostering a sense of unity and connection.

In May 2015, www.madukkur.com took another impactful initiative by advocating for the establishment of a State Bank of India branch in Madukkur. The existing Indian Bank was congested, and residents faced challenges accessing other banking services. Recognizing the need for a more accessible banking option, www.madukkur.com collected signatures from Madukkur NRIs, the Jamiya Masjid Committee, and the Madukkur Merchant Association. The collected signatures were then submitted to the SBI Regional Office, resulting in the opening of a STATE BANK OF INDIA branch in Madukkur.

The website has continued its journey to this day, evolving to meet the changing needs of the community. From its humble beginnings as a communication platform, www.madukkur.com has grown into a catalyst for positive change, contributing to both personal and business requirements in Madukkur. It stands as a testament to the power of community initiatives and the impact they can have on the development and connectivity of a town. The continued dedication of www.madukkur.com reflects its commitment to serving the community and nurturing the aspirations of the upcoming generations for a brighter future.

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